Visual Design

-Realistic technical visualizations
-Concept design and prototypes
-Creative illustrations

2D/3D Motion graphics

-Full 3D animations
-Vector 2D animations
-Physical simulations

Visual Effects and Post-production

-Live footage integration
-Set extension and matte paintings
-Camera simulation and color grading

Rapid Motions Interview

"The Turning Point: How to go from seeking work to being sought after"... An interview about my career on Rapid Motions - how I started, how the industry involved, the challenges of freelancing, my goals,..

Iteratio - Animation

A voyage in the fractal dimension. We dive in a geometrical structure made from a single fractal formula. This endless 3D structure repeats itself over and over, generating more and more details as we approach it...

IBC 2017 AMSTERDAM - Presentations

Ending the summer with two presentations for MAXON at IBC 2017 in Amsterdam - a broadcast industry show of gigantic proportions: 14 halls, more than 1500 exhibitors, 50 000 visitors, large enough to get lost!

AURUM - Animation

A mystical sequence, a dance of reflections and glows, celebrating the mesmerizing highlights of gold. This experimental animation creates a dialog between the permanence of this metallic substance and the evanescence of the human body. A delicate moment of contemplation...

SIGGRAPH 2017 LOS ANGELES - Presentations

Eric at Siggraph 2017 in Los Angeles, the most prestigious Computer Graphics event! I was invited by MAXON USA to make presentations about 3D visual effects...


Brent Bonacorso needed a gigantic alien creature for his ambitious sci-fi movie The Narrow World. I helped him to make it alive by developing this 3D character - its details, textures and shading. Commissioned by Brent Bonacorso and Collaboration Factory...

MTV MOVIE AWARDS 2017 - Beauty and the Beast Stage

The goal was to transform the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles into the Beauty and the Beast castle for the MTV 2017 Movie Awards event. Using projected 3D renders, we managed to create the perfect flamboyant rococo environment for the show. Commissioned by Studio Moross for Casey Patterson Entertainment...

STARA SZENICA - Architecture Animation

STARA SZENICA, visit an imaginary city. This animation is a tribute to monolithic, brutalist and futurist architecture, featuring original designs and existing structures...


The Alvisse truck travels all over the world with the help of visual effects created in house, from motion tracking to final post-production. Commissioned by Alvisse and IPL...


This short movie is a figurative dream, a symbolic poem. In a parallel world, where time is suspended and humanity is a mere memory, statues narrate the mystery of our existence. This film blends live footage and 3D renders to create a surreal, contemplative experience...

MUDAM MUSEUM - 10 Years Anniversary Documentary

I conceived and directed this documentary celebrating the MUDAM Art Museum 10 years anniversary. This film explores the highlights of this first decade through interviews, motion graphics and 3D animations. Commissioned by the MUDAM...


In a single epic camera movement we discover the creation of Sacha Lakic Design, including his iconic "Bubble" Roche Bobois sofa. A mini-movie entirely made in CG. Commissioned by Sacha Lakic Design...

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." A.E.