Eric Nicolas Smit is an illusionist, a dream designer. He transforms ideas into believable visualizations. Shaping worlds and orchestrating motions are his specialties. His strong technical expertise in motion graphics and film post production allows him to be both a designer and a developer, to create without constraint.
In the last decade, Eric created CG visualizations and animations for Paramount Pictures, Production I.G., Sony Music, Cineart, The Seattle Art Museum, The European Space Agency, Toyota, Lexus, Infiniti, Nike, Maxon, Orange, ...

"ControFigura" Trailer

Director: Eric Nicolas Smit
Production: Maschera Media, 2016, LU
Photography, Visual effects, Post production and Soundtrack (solo work)

"MUDAM 10 ANS" Documentary

Director: Eric Nicolas Smit
Production: MUDAM, 2016, LU
Photography, Motion Graphics, Post production and Soundtrack (solo work)

Demo Reel 2016

A selection of 3D animations made between 2011 and 2016 for various projects.

"The Narrow World"

Director: Brent Bonacorso
Production: Collaboration Factory, 2016, USA
Visual effects (team work)

Design City 2016 Launch Video

Director: Eric Nicolas Smit / Anna Loporcaro
Client:, 2016, LU
Motion graphics (solo work)

Sacha Lakic Design "The Cloud"

Director: Sacha Lakic
Production: Sacha Lakic Design, 2015, LU
3D sequences and Post production (solo work)

"West of the Moon" Movie

Director: Brent Bonacorso
Production: Collaboration Factory, 2010, USA
3D animations (team work)

Graf Zeppelin "Black Line"

Director: Eric Nicolas Smit
Client: Pointtec, 2009, DE
3D sequences and Post production (solo work)

Bacchus Making Of

Bacchus 3D sculpture project, step by step walkthrough

Shipwreck Making Of

Arctic Shipwreck 3D environment, step by step walkthrough

Toyota Fortuner "Forest"

Director: Eric Nicolas Smit
Client: RTT/Toyota, 2012, BE
3D sequences and Post production (solo work)

Archives 2004 - 2008

A compilation of professional CG animations made between 2004 and 2008, in solo or within a team.


NISSAN INFINITI "Snowflake" TV spot / 3D environments (Notorious 247, USA, 2004)
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III movie / CG pre-visualizations (Paramount Pictures, USA, 2005)
NIKE TOWN / Architecture visualizations (Vital Distraction, USA, 2006)
DELL ALIENWARE "Superman" movie theater spot / 3D animations (Battle Media Lab, USA, 2006)
CARLOS SANTANA "Ultimate Santana" TV spot / motion graphics (Collaboration Factory, USA, 2007)
KOBE BRYANT KB24 launch animation / motion graphics (Zambezi, USA, 2007)
SEATTLE ART MUSEUM "Wonder" TV spot / 3D animations (Collaboration Factory, USA, 2007)
GRAF ZEPPELIN "Black Line" launch / 3D animations (Pointtec, DE, 2008)
NOW AND NOWHERE movie / 3D modeling and animations (Collaboration Factory, USA, 2008)
GATE OF AFRICA show / 3D environments (Le Public Systeme, FR, 2009)
LANDSCAPE SHADING KIT / Landscape shaders development (C4DS, LU, 2009)
TRI STATE / technical visualizations (Toby Burditt, USA, 2010)
WEST OF THE MOON movie / visual effects (Collaboration Factory, USA, 2010)
LEXUS TV spot / 3D environments (Brewster Parsons, USA, 2010)
TOYOTA "Fortuner" TV Spot / 3D visualizations (Realtime Technologies, BE, 2011)
C4D SCENERY / 3D landscapes development (C4DS, LU, 2012)
NFTA live event / 3D environments and visual effects (Dangers Inc, CA, 2013)
CINEMA 4D / 3D animations and scenes library (Maxon, DE, 2013)
FIRESTONE / logo animation motion graphics (SweetRush, USA, 2013)
VULCANIA PARK TV spot / 3D character modeling (Wipix, FR, 2014)
CINEMA 4D / New technologies demonstration (Maxon, DE, 2014)
ORANGE "Elo" TV spot / visual effects (IP, LU, 2015)
ROCHE BOBOIS / 3D visualizations (Lakic Design, LU, 2015)
THE NARROW WORLD movie / 3D animations (Collaboration Factory, USA, 2015-2016)
MUDAM ART MUSEUM 10 Years documentary / design and development (MUDAM, LU, 2016)

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