of shapes and lights


VILLA VAUBAN MUSEUM Jan Steen's Epiphany painting exploration video / Motion graphics (Villa Vauban, LU, 2017)
MTV 2017 MOVIE AWARD TV live show / virtual 3D Stage (Studio Moross, UK, 2017)
MUDAM ART MUSEUM "Mudam & You" movie theater spot / motion graphics (MUDAM, LU, 2017)
LUXTRAM / technical visualizations (IP, LU, 2016)
THE NARROW WORLD movie / visual effects (Collaboration Factory, USA, 2016)
MUDAM ART MUSEUM 10 Years documentary / design and development (MUDAM, LU, 2016)
ROCHE BOBOIS / 3D visualizations (Sacha Lakic Design, LU, 2015)
ORANGE "Elo" TV spot / visual effects (IP, LU, 2015)
VULCANIA PARK TV spot / 3D character modeling (Wipix, FR, 2014)
FIRESTONE / logo animation motion graphics (SweetRush, USA, 2013)
NFTA live event / 3D environments and visual effects (Dangers Inc, CA, 2013)
TOYOTA "Fortuner" TV Spot / 3D visualizations (Realtime Technologies, BE, 2011)
LEXUS TV spot / 3D environments (Brewster Parsons, USA, 2010)
WEST OF THE MOON movie / visual effects (Collaboration Factory, USA, 2010)
TRI STATE / technical visualizations (Toby Burditt, USA, 2010)
GATE OF AFRICA show / 3D environments (Le Public Systeme, FR, 2009)
NOW AND NOWHERE movie / 3D modeling and animations (Collaboration Factory, USA, 2008)
GRAF ZEPPELIN "Black Line" launch / 3D animations (Pointtec, DE, 2008)
THE SEATTLE ART MUSEUM "Wonder" TV spot / 3D animations (Collaboration Factory, USA, 2007)
KOBE BRYANT KB24 launch animation / motion graphics (Zambezi, USA, 2007)
CARLOS SANTANA "Ultimate Santana" TV spot / motion graphics (Collaboration Factory, USA, 2007)
DELL ALIENWARE "Superman" movie theater spot / 3D animations (Battle Media Lab, USA, 2006)
NIKE TOWN / architecture visualizations (Vital Distraction, USA, 2006)
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III movie / 3D pre-visualizations (Paramount Pictures, USA, 2005)
NISSAN INFINITI "Snowflake" TV spot / 3D environments (Notorious 247, USA, 2004)


  • 3D Hard surfaces polygons and Nurbs modeling
  • 3D Procedural modeling and shading
  • 3D Sculpting
  • 3D Physical dynamic simulations
  • Matte Painting and 3D environments development
  • Realistic and NPR rendering
  • Camera and object motion tracking
  • Live footage CG integration
  • Film editing and color grading
  • Soundtrack mixing and mastering

Animations can be delivered in the most popular pro image and video file formats, in single or multi-passes. 3D assets can be provided in the Cinema 4D format, or universal exchange formats like Alembic or FBX. All the major film and video resolutions, frame rates and aspect ratios are supported, including ultra high resolution DCI 4K. Audio tracks are mastered to the requested loudness normalization.