Visual poem directed by Eric Nicolas Smit

ControFigura - A symbolic poem or, as the italian title indicates, a figurative dream. This short movie evokes the passage of time through the myth of Janus, the two faces roman deity, god of transitions and time.

In a parallel world, where time is suspended and humanity is a mere memory, statues narrates the mystery of our existence. Every sequence is a thematic doorway: the other, the twin, the beyond, the mirror,...

This movie is deliberately cryptic and elusive. At its core it is a celebration of the mysterious, of "The Other". It uses a thematic narration rather than a traditional linear storytelling, contemplation rather than action and exposition.

This movie is influenced by the Belgian symbolism art movement: Fernand Knopff, Montald Constant, Felicien Rops and Jean Delville. Their masterpieces were extremely sensuous while being totally indecipherable. I also gave freedom to my long lasting fascination for classic sculptors - Praxiteles, Polykleitos, Lysippos and the likes. The sculpture featured in ControFigura are a modest homage to this tradition.

This short movie was shot in 2016, in various locations in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. Some of you will recognize the jardin de l'Esplanade and the jardin Boufflers in Metz France, the dunes of Zeeland in The Netherlands or the magnificent weeping willow trees of the Neumann Park in Luxembourg.

Post production consisted for the most part of integrating my 3D sculptures in the shots. I also removed any trace of human beings. This story takes place in a parallel universe, where people are absent or hidden. A few sequences, like the close ups of the statues, are done entirely in 3D.

The soundtrack is essentially made of evolving sound textures, creating an organic yet alien atmosphere. It was made using wavetable synthesis. This sound generation method is ideal to create constantly morphing timbres - going from atonal noises to choir, organ and strings. The sound was then heavily processed with a modulated comb filter - creating these eerie resonances - and very long delays and reverb. The idea was to immerse the listener in a cyclic diffuse atmosphere.

CONTROFIGURA - sogno figurativo

Design, Direction, Photography, Visual Effects, Post-production and Soundtrack: Eric Nicolas Smit
Production: Maschera Media
Eric Nicolas Smit, 2017