Presentations by Eric Nicolas Smit

I was invited again by MAXON to present my work at IBC 2017 in Amsterdam - the world's leading media, entertainment & technology show. This is an event of gigantic proportions: 14 halls, more than 1500 exhibitors, 50 000 visitors, large enough to get lost!

My first presentation, Painting Exploration, was a "behind the scene" overview of a painting exploration I conceived for the Villa Vauban Museum. It explains the method I used to transform a 2D image into a 3 dimensional environment.
The second presentation, Landscape Creation, is a a step by step tutorial - we design and construct a realist landscape using fractal elevation maps, 3D procedural materials and atmospheric effects.


Contents and Illustrations: Eric Nicolas Smit
Editorial Coordination: Eric Nicolas Smit
Production: Eric Nicolas Smit and MAXON GmbH
MAXON, DE, 2017