Fractal Animation created by Eric Nicolas Smit

This animation navigates inside a 3D fractal iterative formula, a variation on the Sierpinski triangle. I was always interested by Fractal geometries - self repeating structures with an infinite amount of details.

The fractal dimension is fascinating, it questions the geometry of our own universe. I rendered a 90 seconds sequence, but this animation could actually last forever. This geometrical structure has, by essence, no limits.

This sequence is dedicated to the late Benoit Mandelbrot (1924-2010), the visionary mathematician who explored the fractal geometry of nature. His autobiography The Fractalist: Memoir of a Scientific Maverick is a captivating introduction to this specific kind of geometry, approached as a personal journey.
Mandelbrot wanted to discover the geometry that defines the shape of trees, clouds, rivers, mountains, etc... These "rough" shapes were excluded from (Euclidean) geometry. He discovered that there is an organisation in this roughness. These apparently irregular and disorganized shapes were, in fact, self-repeating structures that could be translated in simple iterative formulae, what Mandelbrot named "fractals". A mountain, for example, is nothing more than a multilevel distorted pyramid, its main structure repeating itself in the smaller peaks, over and over. It can be generated with a fractal Perlin noise formula, that only requires a few lines of code.


3D Animation, Post production and Soundtrack: Eric Nicolas Smit
Production: Eric Nicolas Smit
Eric Nicolas Smit, 2017