Painting Exploration

A short documentary about the painting Epiphany by the Dutch master Jan Steen (1664). In a continuous movement, the camera penetrates inside the painting and highlight its themes and characteristics.

This ambitious 5 minutes sequence was made using 3D modeling and frontal 3D projection. It required a meticulous re-construction of the scene depicted in the painting. Each character was isolated and sculpted in 3D. The background was re-painted by hand. The challenge was to add a 3 dimensional depth to the painting while keeping its style and texture, down to the structure of the damaged canvas and cracked paint. The transition from the original painting to its 3D version had to be unnoticeable.

You can see this video at the Villa Vauban museum in Luxembourg during the "Course of Life" exhibition (July 2017 to January 2018). Please visit the Villa Vauban website for more information.

Jan Steen Epiphany - Painting exploration

Visual Design and Motion Graphics: Eric Nicolas Smit
Coordination: Anais Bourgois et Angelika Glesius
Production: Les Deux Musees de la Ville de Luxembourg
Villa Vauban, Luxembourg, 2017