MUDAM Open Museum

Exhibitions, Performance and Events Promotion

A massive video campaign to promote Luxembourg's contemporary art museum on television, on social networks, advertising screens and movie theaters. It consists of documentaries, spots, trailers, interviews, etc...

The primary aim of these videos is to "open the museum", to create windows on the exhibitions, performances, and events. My work for this project had to invisible, free from superfluous or disruptive effects. With the Museum team, we decided to shot everything on location, as it is, without extra artificial illumination or set-ups. The idea was to reveal the museum as it, to capture raw moments.

Please visit to follow this 2019 campaign.

Mudam - Open Museum

Photography, Soundtrack and Post-Production: Eric Nicolas Smit
Graphic Identity: BASE design
Editorial Coordination: Germain Kerschen
Production: MUDAM Luxembourg
MUDAM, Luxembourg, 2019