Visual Effects for Brent Bonacorso's acclaimed THE NARROW WORLD

From an original design by Olivier Zamak, I created the 3D creature of this short sci-fi movie.The first step was to re-construct entirely the 3D geometry, by adding the necessary details for its gigantic scale. Hundreds of new elements were included (joint mechanisms, panels, vents, cables, bolts, etc...) and some parts were replaced (hands).

Over a period of one years we then tested different textures and shading. We finally decided to use a layered metallic surface with an iridescent glossiness. We deliberately damaged the metallic structures by adding dents, scratches and rust, to give this creature a worn-out look.

I also helped Brent Bonacorso on the spacial sequence.

"The best monsters are always metaphors, either for an outside force, or for an aspect of the human condition."

"I was really intrigued by the idea of subverting the traditional alien invasion story, and using that as a way to explore how we interpret the world around us, and how our subconscious mind invisibly directs our behaviour." Brent Bonacorso


Visual Effects: Brent Bonacorso and Eric Nicolas Smit
Director: Brent Bonacorso
Producers: Thom Fennessey, Magdalena Gorka and Kacper Sawicki
Papaya Films and Collaboration Factory, USA, 2017