From an original design by Olivier Zamak, I created the 3D creature of this short sci-fi movie. The first step was to re-construct the 3D geometry, by adding the necessary details for its gigantic scale. Hundreds of new elements were included (joint mechanisms, panels, vents, cables, bolts, etc...).

Over a period of one years we then tested different textures and shading. We finally decided to use a layered metallic surface with an iridescent glossiness. We deliberately damaged the metallic structures by adding dents, scratches and rust, to give this creature a worn-out look.

I also helped Brent Bonacorso on the spacial sequence.

Visual Effects: Brent Bonacorso and Eric Nicolas Smit
Director: Brent Bonacorso
Production: Papaya Films and Collaboration Factory, USA, 2017