ERIC NICOLAS SMIT of shapes and lights

ERIC NICOLAS SMIT is a visual craftsman, designing worlds and orchestrating motion with passion and precision. He prides himself of mastering every step of visual production, in a polymath fashion, from concept design to final render. He specializes in rich immersive contents, with intricate plays of shapes, lights and textures.

Eric Nicolas Smit is available for any motion graphic, 3D animation and visual effects projects: films, documentaries, live events, TV spots, artistic and technical illustrations, architecture visualizations, educational videos or anything you can imagine ...

Eric Nicolas Smit is a Certified Instructor for MAXON's CINEMA 4D, the industry standard motion graphics and 3D animation software. He is authorized to conduct Cinema 4D training about Motion Design, 3D animation, Architecture and Technical Visualization. He is frequently invited to international broadcast and CG shows to present his graphic work and new Cinema 4D technologies: FMX in Stuttgart, SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles, IBS in Amsterdam, Cinema 4D User Meeting in Cologne, ...


MAXON Cinema 4D R20 nodal material development (MAXON GmbH, DE, 2018)

VILLA VAUBAN MUSEUM "Vedute" documentary / motion graphics (directed by Eric Nicolas Smit, Villa Vauban, LU, 2018)

TEL AVIV ON FIRE movie / visual effects (directed by Sameh Zoabi, TS Productions, FR, 2018)

LUXEMBOURG - LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN spot / visual effects (directed by Laurent Witz, Zeilt, LU, 2018)

SIGGRAPH 2017 LOS ANGELES / visual effects conferences (Maxon USA, USA, 2017)

VILLA VAUBAN MUSEUM Jan Steen documentary / motion graphics (directed by Eric Nicolas Smit, Villa Vauban, LU, 2017)

MTV 2017 MOVIE AWARDS TV live show / virtual 3D stages (Studio Moross, UK, 2017)

MUDAM ART MUSEUM "Mudam & You" movie theater spot / motion graphics (directed by Eric Nicolas Smit, MUDAM, LU, 2017)

LUXTRAM / technical visualizations (IP, LU, 2016)

THE NARROW WORLD movie / visual effects (directed by Brent Bonacorso, Collaboration Factory, USA, 2016)

MUDAM ART MUSEUM 10 Years documentary / motion graphics (directed by Eric Nicolas Smit, MUDAM, LU, 2016)

LAKIC DESIGN "The Cloud" TV spot / 3D animations (Sacha Lakic Design, LU, 2015)

FMX 2015 STUTTGART / Foundry Colorway launch presentation (Foundry, UK, 2015)

ORANGE "Elo" TV spot / visual effects (IP, LU, 2015)

VULCANIA PARK TV spot / 3D character modeling (Wipix, FR, 2014)

FIRESTONE logo / motion graphics (SweetRush, USA, 2013)

TOYOTA "Fortuner" TV Spot / 3D visualizations (Realtime Technologies, BE, 2011)

LEXUS "Loyalty" TV spot / 3D environments (Brewster Parsons, USA, 2010)

WEST OF THE MOON movie / visual effects (directed by Brent Bonacorso, Collaboration Factory, USA, 2010)

TRI STATE / technical visualizations (Toby Burditt, USA, 2010)

NOW AND NOWHERE movie / 3D animations (directed by Brent Bonacorso, Collaboration Factory, USA, 2008)

GRAF ZEPPELIN "Black Line" launch / 3D animations (directed by Eric Nicolas Smit, Pointtec, DE, 2008)

THE SEATTLE ART MUSEUM "Wonder" TV spot / 3D animations (Collaboration Factory, USA, 2007)

KOBE BRYANT KB24 launch animation / motion graphics (Zambezi, USA, 2007)

CARLOS SANTANA "Ultimate Santana" TV spot / motion graphics (Collaboration Factory, USA, 2007)

DELL ALIENWARE "Superman" movie theater spot / 3D animations (Battle Media Lab, USA, 2006)

NIKE TOWN / architecture visualizations (Vital Distraction, USA, 2006)

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III movie / 3D pre-visualizations (directed by J.J. Abrams, Paramount Pictures, USA, 2005)

NISSAN INFINITI "Snowflake" TV spot / 3D environments (Notorious 247, USA, 2004)